Links 17 – 20 juni

Der Spiegel: The Final Battles of Pope Benedict XVI
Gawker: The De-Watergating of American Journalism
Wired: War With Friends: Pentagon Eyes a Drone App Store
The New Yorker: The Toppling – How the media inflated a minor moment in a long war
Al Jazeera: Europe: To Be or Not To Be
ABC News: Watergate Burglars: Where Are They Now?
Columbia Journalism Review: Q&A: teaching journalism in China
Slate: Are You Better Off Than You Were 10 Years Ago?
Enduring America: Remember Iran – Three Years Ago Today, A Supreme Leader’s Dilemma
The New York Times: Pinched and Griping in Iran
Reisadvies Negatief: Ethiopië
Al Jazeera: Inside Story – Has sectarian violence returned to Iraq?
The Daily Beast: Leslie H. Gelb on Egypt, Syria: Take a Deep Breath, America
AP: Plague Confirmed in Oregon Man Bitten by Stray Cat
CPJ: Displaced by threats, old life gives way to new
The New York Times: Egypt’s Military Cements Its Powers as Voting Ends
The Arabist: An instant analysis of Egypt’s new constitution
The Guardian: ‘Down with the next Egyptian president’
GPD: Leger Egypte maakt marionet van toekomstig president

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