Links 3 – 9 juni

Der Spiegel Young Poles and Ukrainians Have High Hopes for Euro 2012
Al Jazeera: What drives US policy in Central America?
Tegenlicht: Grasmodderpaarden en de grote Chinese vuurmuur
Jadaliyya: De-Mythologizing Khaled Saeed
The Sun: Why downloads mean that the dwindling porn industry is full of damaged performers
The Christian Science Monitor: Is Mexico’s leading presidential candidate a retreat from democratic progress?
Time: Euro 2012: Racist Abuse of Dutch Players in Poland Clouds Soccer Tournament
The Washington Post: Woodward and Bernstein: 40 years after Watergate, Nixon was far worse than we thought
The Lede: Reporter Accuses Syrian Rebels of Luring Him Into Death Trap
LA Times: Ex-Iowa sailors salute the ship as it makes its final port call
The Independent: Robert Fisk: In Cairo, they know revolutions don’t always pan out quite as they wanted Democraten trekken lessen uit Wisconsin
Rolling Stone: JOBS Act Fallout: More Fraud, Fewer IPOs
Fleur de Weerd: ‘Doe mij maar Johnny Depp in het Russisch’
The Christian Science Monitor: Egypt’s Islamists give secular parties equal role in constitution writing

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