Links 8 – 13 juli

Newsweek: Champagne Flows While Syria Burns
The New York Times:The Grandmothers Sang ‘Come On and Dance!’ and a Village Got New Life
The New Republic: Who Reported It First? Who Cares?
IFEX: The IFEX Communiqué’s greatest hits
The Lede: Listening to the Victims of Xenophobic Violence in Greece Zuid-Soedan bestaat één jaar: vooral oorlog en fatalisme, na zo’n mooi begin
Souciant: Rape and Revolution
Euronews: Iranians turn vegetarian – by force
Reuters: Local wars blur al Qaeda’s threat to West
The National: Syria, jihad and the boys from Tunisia’s Ben Guerdane
Brookings: Prioritizing Democracy: How the Next President Should Re-Orient U.S. Policy in the Middle East
Salon: Mitt’s tax calculation
Al Jazeera: Inside Story Americas – Extreme weather: Linked to climate change?
The New York Review of Books: How Syria Divided the World
Foreign Affairs: Wrong Way Down the Danube – How Hungary’s Democratic Backsliding Threatens Europe
Wired: How the Boy Next Door Accidentally Built a Syrian Spy Tool
The Guardian: Greece’s biggest hospital struggles as austerity cuts bite – video

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