Links 17 – 25 september

The New Yorker: Total War- A New Look at Conflict Photography
Vanity Fair: Obama’s Way
The New Republic: How the Arab Spring Killed Hezbollah
Rolling Stone: Apocalypse in New Orleans
The Atlantic: ‘Every Person Is Afraid of the Drones’: The Strikes’ Effect on Life in Pakistan
Al Jazeera: ‘Untouchable’ no more
Mother Jones: The Other Death Sentence
The Christian Science Monitor: What are Mitt Romney’s foreign policy goals in Latin America?
The Guardian: Child refugees describe life in Syria – video interactive
The Lede: Video Reports From Japan, Taiwan and China on Confrontation Off Disputed Islands
The New York Times: Egypt’s New Leader Spells Out Terms for U.S.-Arab Ties
Foreign Affairs: Libya’s volunteer peacekeepers
Matt Taibbi: This Presidential Race Should Never Have Been This Close
The Local: Right wing extremists threaten press watchdog
Tech President: Are Innovation Hubs the Future of Open Government In Africa?
At War: For a Student Veteran, Graduation Is the Next Mission
Hopscotch on the green line: Inside the Hezbollah rally in the Dahiyeh which drew over 100 000
The Long War Journal: Taliban release video of planning for Camp Bastion assault
The Atlantic: On Sale Now in China: Cans of ‘Revolutionary’ Air
The Washington Post: What if Israel bombed Iran? The view from Washington Obama en Romney in 60 Minutes: een voorbode van de debatten
CJR: More coverage of US Muslims is needed
The New Republic: What I Will (and Won’t) Miss About Living in Moscow
The Arabist: What is Brotherhoodization?

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