Links 9 – 17 september

GQ: Paddled
The Billfold: Crushing Debt Drove Me to Kosovo — And Then to Iraq
The New York Review of Books: The Tragedy of the European Union and How to Resolve It
Newsweek: Putin’s God Squad
Foreign Policy: Libya’s Downward Spiral
The New York Times: Was Photo of Dead Ambassador Acceptable?
Der Spiegel: Albanian Tourism Project Puts Beds in Bunkers
CJR: More coverage of US Muslims is needed
Al Jazeera: Australia to start stubbing out cigarette sales De meest uitdagende golfbaan ter wereld? Die is in Kabul
Threat Level: Twitter Reluctantly Coughs Up Occupy Protester’s Data
Salon: Guantanamo prisoner’s tragic letter
Matt Taibbi: Bain and Mitt Romney: What’s Fact and What’s Opinion
Danger Room: U.S. Did Tech Deals With Egypt and Libya While Embassies Burned
Warscapes: The Beginning of the End?
Mother Jones: Ohio’s War on the Middle Class
Al Jazeera: 101 East – Mining the Last Frontier
Foreign Policy: A Palestinian Spring
Robert Fisk: The forgotten massacre

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