Links 9 – 14 oktober

The Wall Street Journal: ‘Japanese Streets’ Blogger on Harajuku Street Fashion and Self-Expression
VICE: Death of the American Hobo
The Global Mail: The Swingers’ Guide To Islam
Outside: The Beautiful Game
The Atlantic: Why Turkey and Syria are Heading toward War
Niemanlab: Twitter’s real-time debate analysis, and the rise of mobile news
Hopscotch on the Green Line: Syrisch geschut treft ook Libanon
The Lede: Online Reaction to the Armstrong Doping File
CSMonitor: In Benghazi, militias may promote security one day, threaten it the next
Mother Jones: Terror and Teargas on the Streets of Bahrain
Foreign Policy: The New Sheriff in Town
Matt Taibbi: The Vice Presidential Debate: Joe Biden Was Right to Laugh
NOS: De eerste uit Moskou
CJR: Essential tools of the trade
The Caravan: Breaking The Silence
The New York Times: At the Corner of Hope and Worry
The New York Review of Books: In the New World of Spies
The New York Review of Books: Can Islam Be Criticized?
Bureau Brazilië: Edison Cabral, portier van het Martinelli-gebouw in São Paulo
VICE: Peeling Oniontown

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