Must-reads 3 – 8 december

Time: The Confessions of a Sniper: A Rebel Gunman in Aleppo and His Conscience
Foreign policy: Mubarak with a Beard?
The Global Mail: The Smartest Girls In The Room
The Interdependent: Zaatari Refugee Camp Waits for Winter
Gawker: Attention Men – If You Attack a Woman In Tahrir Square, You Might Get Your Ass Kicked, Finally
Mother Jones: The Last Days of a Rebel-Held Hospital in Syria
CJR: The rush to handicap 2016 – let’s not “Dr. Politics” advice—avoid horse-race journalism, but bring on the well-reported profiles
CS Monitor: Islamists silence the musicians who guide rural Mali
Danger Room: 2012 Was the Year of the Drone in Afghanistan
Stories from Cairo: How to survive Tahrir square as a woman
The New Yorker: 2012: The Year of the Attack of the Gay Muslim Kenyan Divorcee President
National Geographic: Tibet’s Man on Fire
The New York Review of Books: The Quest for the Girl from Bendigo Street
IFEX: New digital campaign demands justice in journalist killings
The Daily: A Bishop Behind Bars
Foreign policy: Waiting for the Rain – In the impenetrable Dogon highlands of Mali, the storm of war is coming
Time: Reflections in a Pashtun Cinema
CPJ: Syria’s desperate move to cut links won’t succeed
The New Yorker: Happy Birthday, Noam Chomsky

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