Must-reads 17 – 23 februari

The Global Mail: It’s 2013, And They’re Burning ‘Witches’
Roads & Kingdoms: Pakistan’s Patty Kings
The Economist: The country formerly known as Syria
FT: Death in Singapore
National Geographic: Return to River Town
The Atlantic: A Ground-Level View of the U.S.’s Drone Campaign
Foreign Affairs: Does France Have an Exit Strategy in Mali?
Playboy: The Cold Arab Spring
The Washington Post: Pope Benedict XVI’s leaked documents show fractured Vatican full of rivalries
New Yorker: L’Étranger – Gérard Depardieu and France part ways
Vanity Fair: The Poppy Palaces
Slate: Can India’s Democracy Defeat Corruption?
Time: Hyderabad Bomb Blasts: Two Deadly Explosions Leave Terror Cloud over India
London Review of Books: Immoral Holiday
Harvard Magazine: The Prison Problem
Foreign Policy: Circus Maximus – The upcoming Italian election has everything a casual observer could want. But Italians themselves might not be so lucky
TIME: Bitter Pill – Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us
Harper’s Magazine: Where Broken Hearts Stand
Mother Jones: Watch Out, GOP: Obama Super-PAC Is Coming for You in 2014
Guernica: Salar Abdoh: A Hanging at the House of Artists
The Atlantic: China, its Hackers, and the American Media
The Daily Beast: France: Leader of the Free World
Foreign Policy: The Cool War – Cold War technology made war unthinkable, Cool War technology makes it irresistible

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