Must-reads 10 – 16 maart

The New Yorker: Danse Macabre – scandal at the Bolshoi Ballet.
Tech President: Finding Names of the Dead in Pakistan’s Drone War
Buzzfeed: Growing Up In The World’s Deadliest City
Journalism: How CNN gathered the views of 20K Africans for pope story
The New York Times: How a U.S. Citizen Came to Be in America’s Cross Hairs
Foreign Affairs: Israel’s Warlords – How the Military Rules in War and Peace
Washington Post: Still unanswered questions, 10 years after the Iraq invasion
Roads & Kingdoms: Fear of a whack pope
The Atlantic: It’s Tough to Start a Newspaper After 50 Years of State Censorship
The Economist: The Koreas – To a war footing
Foreign Affairs: The Battle For Bangladesh – Who Defines Bengali Identity?
The Lede: U.N. Report Reframes Debate Over Image of a Father’s Agony in Gaza
Ahram Online: Enactment of citizens arrest deals blow to Egyptian tourism
London Review of Books: Deadlock in Cairo
CJR: Hiring at Al Jazeera America: 18,000 applicants for 170 jobs
The Daily Beast: Syria – When Nonviolent Revolutions Spin Into Bloodshed
The Economist: The Muslim Brotherhood – It’s hard being in charge
LA Times: China hacker’s angst opens a window onto cyber-espionage
The Atlantic: The Anti-Kremlin History of the Man Behind Putin’s Adoption Ban
The Lede: Image of Ahmadinejad Clasping Hands With Chávez’s Mother Angers Clerics, So His Supporters Turn to Photoshop
Foreign Affairs: Italy Did Not Just Send in The Clowns – Why The Political Stalemate Is a Warning to Democracies Everywhere
Washington Post: Egypt government inquiry finds police shot most of nearly 900 dead in uprising
Foreign Policy: A Very Special Envoy – Why Obama should make Dennis Rodman his man in Pyongyang. Seriously

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