Links 5 – 7 juli

The Atlantic: In China, a Radical Solution for the Sunburn
Danger Room: Drone Hijacking? That’s Just the Start of GPS Troubles
Time: The Making of An American: An Iraqi’s Journey to Citizenship
Foreign Policy: Think Again: India’s Rise
Trouw: Getild door de zwarte makelaar
Al-Monitor: Egypt’s Journalists Fight to Free Press From Brotherhood Control
Al Jazeera: Libya Speaks Verkiezingen in Libië: wie zijn de kanshebbers en gaan ze wat oplossen?
Foreign Affairs: The Fading of Tahrir Square -How Egypt’s Revolution Grew Exhausted
Verkiezingen VS: Hoe Romney een kans verprutste
Al Jazeera: Inside Story Americas – Is the media fair in Latin America?
Metropolis TV: Borsten
CPJ: Shallow victory for China’s journalists, protesters
The New York Times: Defection of Syrian Signals Assad’s Loss of Support
The New York Review of Books: How Morocco Dodged the Arab Spring
The Two-Way: U.S. Gives Afghanistan New Ally Status As Part Of 2014 Transition
The Christian Science Monitor: One year on, South Sudan struggles to survive
Foreign Policy: The Women of Tahrir Square Fight Back

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