Must-reads 17 – 23 maart

The New York Times: Is This Where the Third Intifada Will Start?
State of the Media: Citing Reduced Quality, Many Americans Abandon News Outlets
The Atlantic: Monarch in the Middle
Vanity Fair: The Hostage
Mother Jones: I Can Find an Indicted Warlord. So Why Isn’t He in The Hague?
CNN: Iraq’s Baby Noor
Vanity Fair: A Tale of Two Londons
Foreign Policy: The Jihadi from the Block
The New Yorker: The Manipulator – Ahmad Chalabi pushed a tainted case for war. Can he survive the occupation?
The Lede: Blair Says Iraq Would Be ‘Worse Than Syria’ Now, if Antiwar Critics Had Prevailed
The Washington Monthly: He Who Makes the Rules
Bloomberg: The Gingrich-Santorum ‘Unity Ticket’ That Almost Was
D Magazine: The Legend of Chris Kyle
Radio Free Europe: Iraqi Anger – Shoe-Thrower Muntadhar Al-Zaidi
The Washington Post: Food stamps put Rhode Island town on monthly boom-and-bust cycle
Grantland: How Soccer Explains Israel

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