Must-reads 16 – 22 december

GQ: The Doctor, the CIA, and the Blood of Bin Laden
TIME: 2012 Person of the Year: Barack Obama, the President
The New York Times: Rubble and Despair of War Redefine Syria Jewel
Al Jazeera: Blackface for the holidays – Dutch deny racism in ‘Zwarte Piet’ holiday tradition
Harper’s Magazine: Straight Man’s Burden – The American roots of Uganda’s anti-gay persecutions
Mother Jones: 151 Victims of Mass Shootings in 2012: Here Are Their Stories
BBC: High Court blocks US drone intelligence case
Chicago Magazine: Let Us Prey: Big Trouble at First Baptist Church
The New York Review of Books: Tunisia: ‘Did We Make the Revolution For This?’
CS Monitor: How the Zetas drug gang took Monterrey
Politico: Behind the scenes of a GOP meltdown
The Global Mail: Trying to Beat TB
Foreign Policy: Instagramming Iran
XOJane: How a gun-loving West Texas girl learned to fear assault weapons
Wired: In Ex-Soviet States, Russian Spy Tech Still Watches You
Tablet: How Jordan’s King Hangs On – The monarch studied the Arab Spring and created a savvy plan to quell demonstrators without mass violence
The Friday Times: What really happened at Lal Masjid
The New Yorker: What’s with the Chinese Mayan-Doomsday Cult
The Huffington Post: To the Media, Regarding Newtown
CS Monitor: Estela de Carlotto hunts for Argentina’s grandchildren ‘stolen’ decades ago
The New York Times: The Bribery Aisle: How Wal-Mart Got Its Way in Mexico
BBC: War photographer Don McCullin in final front-line trip
Spiegel: The woes of an American drone operator


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