Must-reads 20 – 26 januari

The New York Times: Iran Resorts to Hangings in Public to Cut Crime
VICE: Living the American Dream in the West Bank – Hanging out with Israel’s Illegal Homesteaders
The New York Times Magazine: Could Cyril Ramaphosa Be the Best Leader South Africa Has Not Yet Had?
The Economist: China’s population – Peak toil
The Guardian: Kachin rebels cling to last stronghold amid Burmese army’s deadly barrage
The New Yorker: The Force – How much military is enough?
National Geographic: Stranded on the Roof of the World
The Nation: Rebel Towns
The Economist: Political crisis in Pakistan – Sermon on the container
The Daily Beast: One-Eyed Terror Leader’s Government Connections
Prospect: Why Iran imprisoned its leading HIV specialists
The New York Times: The Taliban of Timbuktu
The Daily Beast: Sundance’s ‘Manhunt’: Three CIA Agents Who Hunted Bin Laden Tell All
The Economist: Press freedom – Battling the censors
Tablet: Dead Sea Scrolls Go to Court
Foreign Affairs: Making Sense of Mali -The Real Stakes of the War Rocking West Africa
Slate: The Meaning of The – How that one little word has gotten Obama into a heap of constitutional trouble
The Guardian: Algeria hostage crisis – the full story of the kidnapping in the desert
Foreign Policy: The Egyptian Revolution Through Mubarak’s Eyes
Foreign Policy: Covering the Syrian Catastrophe – The 22-month civil war is even worse than the headlines make it seem

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