Links 10 – 13 augustus

Foreign Affairs: India’s Dark Night – The Politics Behind the Power Failure
Al Jazeera: Can military action fix DR Congo’s conflict?
Danger Room: Russia and Canada Gear Up for Arctic Non-War
CPJ: Press freedom at issue amid Maldives chaos
NYR Blog: The New Olympic Arms Race
Los Angeles Magazine: End of the Line
Open Democracy: Snap goes the Crocodile
The Guardian: Clashes in the Syrian city of Aleppo – in pictures
The Lede: Kremlin Critic Debugs Office. Tweets About It.
BBC: Fighting extremism in Egypt’s Sinai
Foreign Policy: Could Boris Johnson, the ridiculous yet charming mayor of London, really go on to lead Britain?
The New York Times: Iran, Excluded From Other Meetings on Syria, Hosts Its Own
Al Jazeera: German Turkophobia
Salon: Back to the Bush future!
The New Yorker: Where Syria’s war may lead
The Atlantic: Kim Kardashistan: A Violent Dictator’s Daughter on a Quest for Pop Stardom Riots report calls for ‘more representative, balanced’ reporting
Threat Level: Flame and Stuxnet Cousin Targets Lebanese Bank Customers, Carries Mysterious Payload
Mother Jones: 250 Years of Campaigns, Cash, and Corruption
Al Jazeera: A look back at Tantawi’s career

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