Links 14 – 18 augustus

Foreign Affairs: Ramadan in Aleppo – A Letter From Rebel-Controlled Syria
Foreign Policy: Unlivable Cities – China’s megalopolises may seem impressive on paper, but they are awful places to live
Financial Times: A man walks into a bank
The New Yorker: An American Tragedy
Fernande van Tets: Who are the al-Moqdad family and why did they kidnap up to 30 Syrians in Lebanon?
The Lede: Visiting Myanmar’s Threatened Rohingyas
CJR: The media’s Internet infatuation
Institute for War & Peace Reporting: Afghan Journalists Alarmed by Media Decree US site Homicide Watch DC in crowdfunding bid for ‘student reporting lab’
Time: How Palestinian Bloggers Cover Protests in Their Own Villages
Pynter: NY photojournalist gets cameras back after arrest, but not press credentials
Der Spiegel: Are Reports of al-Qaida in Syria Exaggerated?
The Atlantic: Radio Free Cherokee: Endangered Languages Take to the Airwaves
CJP: Wave of fatal attacks in Syria
IFEX: Blogger given three-month sentence for contempt of court in Malaysia
The Nation: Pussy Riot and the Two Russias
Danger Room: Exclusive Photos: Flying With the Air Force’s Airborne Gas Station
Devin Friedman: Capturing the Last Don
The New Yorker: How Paul Ryan captured the G.O.P.

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