Links 26 september – 1 oktober

TNR: Georgia’s Next Leader May Be a Billionaire Zookeeper with Albino Rapper Children
Details: Death on the Path to Enlightenment: Inside the Rise of India Syndrome
Businessweek: Inside China’s Star-Making Machine
The New Yorker: The Lie Machine
Foreign Policy: Go Army, Beat Navy
The Lede: Iranian News Agency Plagiarizes The Onion
The Guardian: Syria’s civil war: how saying the wrong thing can get you tortured Opmaat naar de tv-debatten: tien debatblunders
CJR: Journalistic firebombs in the Middle East
Al Jazeera: In pictures: Cairo’s rich-poor standoff
The Economist: Egypt and Gaza – A honeymoon that wasn’t
VK: ‘Niemand hoorde Faisal schreeuwen, we waren te druk met een film, onze hypotheek en vuurwerkbommen’
The Atlantic: The League of Dangerous Mapmakers HuffPo launches Italian edition with La Reppublica publisher
+927: What Netanyahu got wrong about us ‘medieval’ Arabs
The Atlantic: Tea and Kidnapping

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