Must-reads 15 – 20 oktober

The New Yorker: Boss Rail
The New York Times: The West’s Stalwart Ally in the War on Drugs: Iran (Yes, That Iran)
NOS Weblog Latijns-Amerika: Patat is een groente
Pro Publica: How an Accused Guatemalan War Criminal Won U.S., Canadian Citizenship
The Lede: He Was Cambodia’s King, Yes, but What He Really Wanted to Do Was Direct
The Page: The 2012 Debates – Memorandum of Understanding Between the Obama and Romney Campaigns
Mother Jones: Solitary in Iran Nearly Broke Me. Then I Went Inside America’s Prisons
Bureau Brazilië: Workaholic city
London Review of Books: Stiffed – review The Occupy Handbook
The Huffington Post: Yesterday My Daughter Emigrated
The New York Times: The Scariest Little Corner of the World
CJR: Newsweek is dead … long live Newsweek?
Foreign Affairs: Don’t Go Baghdad on Tehran
Foreign Policy: The Creation Myth of Xi Jinping
NOS Weblog Moskou: Geld
Design Observer: Ice
Vanity Fair: The Hunt for ‘Geronimo’
Dirk Wanrooij: Kunstenaars van de straat, pioniers in nieuw Egypte
Hopscotch on the green line: Carbomb in Beirut kills 8, including target general Wissam al-Hassan

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