Must-reads 18 – 24 november

The New York Times: Assessing How Pivotal the Hispanic Vote Was to Obama’s Victory
National Geographic: Gaza Tunnels
The Daily Beast: The Unanswered Question: What About Clinton-Era Spending Rates?
Reuters: Analysis – With eye on Iran, Gaza conflict reassures Netanyahu
Swampland: The Benghazi Circus
Dazed Digital: Turkey’s anti-evolutionist showgirls
The New York Times: Israel’s Shortsighted Assassination
The Atlantic: Spoiling the Gaza Ceasefire
Businessweek: Why Can’t India Feed Its People?
Foreign Policy: The Cult of Massoud – How Afghanistan’s Che Guevara still haunts Hamid Karzai
Danger Room: How Israeli Drone Pilots Made Their Life-and-Death Choices Over Gaza
IFEX: 23 voices, 23 faces, just one battle cry
CJR: A database that brings radio to life
The New Republic: Boardwalk Vampires
CS Monitor: Russian beauty queen puts spotlight on Russia’s official corruption
The New Yorker: Black friday in red China
VICE: Syria’s Kurdish spring
Foreign Policy: That Other War
Reuters: Saudi reforms detour through Vienna faith center
The Daily Beast: Syria’s Children of the Rubble
The Nation: Occupy Shows Solidarity With Walmart Employees
Boston Review: Tax and Cut
The Atlantic: Syria’s Spray-Can Revolution
Taibbiblog: One Interesting Thing About Paula Broadwell’s Petraeus Biography
Mother Jones: On the Run From Oppression in Burma

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