Must-reads 13 – 19 januari

Foreign Policy: Mutiny in Kabul – An exclusive report on the troubled security team at America’s most important embassy
Longform: The Great Escape – the declassified story behind Argo
Buzzfeed: Meet The Hero Of The Marriage Equality Movement
The New York Times: Morsi’s Slurs Against Jews Stir Concern
Global Times: Foreign heroin mule detained
The Guardian: And the winner is … Islamophobia
Guernica: The Longest Hunger Strike
The Economist: Boomtown slum – A day in the economic life of Africa’s biggest shanty-town
Foreign Affairs: Talking Democracy In India
Dawn: Qadri’s sit-in raises fear of “soft coup” in Pakistan
De Nieuwe Reporter: Augmented journalism: Twitter als ondersteuning van je krantenstuk
Slate: Coming Home -Returning to parenting after 16 months on the campaign trail
The New Yorker: The Party Faithful – The settlers move to annex the West Bank—and Israeli politics
Journalism: Citizen journalism: Tips for engaging and empowering communities
The Guardian: Mali: a guide to the conflict
The Star: Mali is not the next Afghanistan
Global Post: French president faces a potential Mali quagmire
Foreign Policy: Al Qaeda Country – Why Mali matters
Reporters without Borders: How long will the Burmese Spring last?
Newsweek: China’s Labor Pains – Will China ever reform its prison camps?
Rolling Stone: One Interesting Thing About Paula Broadwell’s Petraeus Biography
The New York Times: Which Way Did the Taliban Go?
Foreign Affairs: Tangle in the Caucasus – Iran and Israel Fight for Influence in Azerbaijan

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