Must-reads 6 – 12 januari

Rolling Stone: Secrets and Lies of the Bailout
The Huffington Post: Transnistria: A Country That Doesn’t Exist, But Has The Guns To Make You Think Otherwise
The New Yorker: Casting votes
Interview Magazine: Brent Stirton, the world over
Columbia Journalism Review: Is crowdfunding the future of media funding?
Reporters without borders: Sinai-based freelancer to be tried before military court
Korea Today: More and Better Socks for the People
Daily Maverick: Trouble brews in Central Africa as SA sends in troops to help
Gawker: Whatever Happened to the Violence Against Women Act?
The Guardian: Kurdish activists: Paris murders cast shadow over Turkish peace process
Killing the Buddha: Every place is Khalidiya
Al Arabiya: Image of Syrian child sleeping on snow stirs online reaction
Al Ahram: An immediate roadmap for the Egyptian opposition
Orion Magazine: Silence Like Scouring Sand
The Wall Street Journal: New Delhi Attack: The Victim’s Story
CNN: Terrorist group fills power vacuum among Syria rebels
Reuters: South Sudan holds journalists for failing to cover president speech
The New York Times: Shimon Peres on Obama, Iran and the Path to Peace
Journalism: What skills do journalists need in the newsroom of 2013?

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