Links 2 – 9 augustus

Foreign Policy: When Your Whole Country Is a Closet – Powerful images of gay Uganda
Parbode: Suriprofs
The Lede: Reading the Fake Reuters Reports on Syria Campagne 2012: de belangrijkste spelers op Twitter
CPJ: Mexican press corps targeted
Foreign Policy: Making Punk a Threat Again – Is Russia’s Pussy Riot already the most politically influential punk rock group ever?
Frontline: Alaska Gold
Salon: “The fundamentalists have won”
Corriere della Sera: Nicole Minetti assente in consiglio – Oliver Stone e il film su Berlusconi
Matt Taibbi: Ludicrous Times Op-Ed Forgets Entire Year of Wall Street History
CPJ: Principled broadcasting in Pakistan, a work in progress
IFEX: Five Turkish journalists wounded in Aleppo, latest danger zone for media personnel
CJR: Why did Mitt Romney really go to Israel?
TIME: The Muslim World Observes Ramadan
NY Magazine: In Violence Against Sikh’s, Racists Don’t Discriminate
Rolling Stone: The Long, Lawless Ride of Sheriff Joe Arpaio
MotherJones: 14 Wacky “Facts” Kids Will Learn in Louisiana’s Voucher Schools
MotherJones: Texas Bases Execution Decisions on John Steinbeck Novel

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