Links 18 – 24 mei

Foreign Policy: Syria’s New Jihadis – Meet the terrorist group that’s ruining the revolution
The New York Review of Books: Drugs: The Rebellion in Cartagena
The Guardian: Syria massacre survivor tells of killing of army defectors at Jebel al-Zawiya Twee nieuwe zorgen voor Obama
The Lede: Video of Settler Shooting Raises Questions Over Israeli Army Response
Salon: Why deficit hysteria sells
Slate: Another Virginia Disgrace: The statehouse rejects the judicial nomination of a prosecutor—just because he’s gay
The New Yorker: Inside Job: Facebook I.P.O. Shows System Is Broken
Fleur de Weerd:‘Nederlanders doe niet zo arrogant’
TPM: An Obama Spending Spree? Hardly (CHART)
The Independent: Cloud of Syria’s war hangs over Lebanese cleric’s death
Foreign Affairs: The Struggle to Succeed Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani
Al Jazeera: Remembering Yemen before the bombs
The Root: NRA, Where Art Thou? Marissa Alexander says she fired a shot in self-defense. Why haven’t gun advocates supported her?
The Huffington Post: Obama, Boehner Talk Debt Ceiling In Meeting
Foreign Affairs: Mitterrand, Hollande, and France’s Socialist Legacy
Salon: SPIN METER: Rivals airbrush anti-Romney words
The New Yorker: Money Unlimited: How Chief Justice John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision
The Arabist: The Algerian exception?

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