Wat ga je missen na drie jaar correspondentschap in Rusland?

Julia Ioffe werkte drie jaar als correspondent in Rusland. Daar schreef ze onder andere voor The New Yorker, Foreign Policy en Forbes. Nu verlaat ze Moskou. Op The New Republic beschrijft ze in een humoristische opsomming wat ze gaat missen van het land.

I will miss the way that Russian journalists will readily drink beer with you till 3 am on a school night. I won’t miss thinking about what it does for their product, or mine.

I will miss ordering water in a restaurant and having the waiter ask you if you want it “room temperature, or cold?” with a look on their faces that suggests that opening the latter door will lead you to a desolate place of upper respiratory demise

I will miss the amazing medical theories I’ve heard here. Pimples? Try massaging your face with semen. Migraine? Must’ve eaten too much mayonnaise. Gynecological cancer? Too much lady-stress. I won’t, however, miss the fact that I’m afraid to go to the doctor’s office here. (Once, my friends’ six-year-old daughter broke her arm and, when the doctor saw the x-ray, he did a double take, pulled a medical reference book off the shelf, and started feverishly reading it. A friend of a friend was mistakenly told he was HIV-positive, and lived with this diagnosis for about a week.)

I won’t miss the fact that in Russia, the absence of the rule of law is sublimated into the tyranny of the procedural guideline and the dictatorship of the technicality. Without the right notarized slip of paper, the saying goes, “you’re a doodie.”

Lees ‘What I Will (and Won’t) Miss About Living in Moscow’ van Ioffe hier.

Het artikel was een tip van de nieuwe Rusland-correspondent van NRC Handelsblad en nrc.next Thalia Verkade. Schrijft zij over drie jaar een zelfde artikel als Ioffe aan het eind van haar correspondentschap? Wij zijn benieuwd. Volg Verkade op Twitter: @tverka.

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