Must-reads 11 – 17 november

CJR: The media’s woman blaming
Foreign Affairs: Israel’s Gamble in Gaza
VICE: We Just Spoke To People in Israel and Palestine about the Gaza Crisis
Wired: How I Was Drawn Into The Cult Of David Petraeus
The Morning News: North Korea Won’t Be Liberated in a Day
The New Republic: Goodbye to the Hu Jintao Era
Foreign Policy: Xi’s Got Issues
Buzzfeed: A Mormon Reporter On The Romney Bus
New York Review of Books: Mexico: Risking Life for Truth
Vanity Fair: The Expendables
Foreign Policy: The Peace Process Isn’t Dead
Mother Jones: Timeline: How the Benghazi Controversy Unfolded
The Atlantic: The Gaza Conflict Comes to Tel Aviv
Businessweek: The Hackers of Damascus
The Christian Science Monitor: What’s the status of Egypt’s Christians?
The New Yorker: The Party Next Time
Reuters: The problem with the Red Cross
Jadaliyya: Possibilities of Change in Jordan
The Tribune: YouTube may be unblocked in two to three weeks in Pakistan
The Christian Science Monitor: A khat-free wedding becomes big news in Yemen
The Daily Beast: Bodies for Ballots
SB Nation: Last Champions of the Third Reich
More Intelligent Life: Going Souterrain
Buzzfeed: How To Wage War On The Internet
Mother Jones: Will China’s New Policy Silence Future Protesters?
The Baffler: Come On, Feel The Buzz
Al Jazeera: How To Rob Africa
Ekathimerini: Lack of unity at home, among lenders dogs Greek government
The Guardian: The David Petraeus scandal quiz
Radio France Internationale: French troops won’t go to Mali, Hollande promises

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