Must-reads 24 februari – 2 maart

Archaeosoup: “These are not the ruins you’re looking for!” The archaeology of a galaxy far, far away?
Outside: Sun Myung Moon’s Lost Eco-Utopia
Design Observer: Head of the Dragon: The Rise of New Shanghai
The Atlantic: Mali Conflict Enters New Phase
The Independent: To make freelancing safer, young foreign journalists need more support and less sneering
The Daily Beast: The GOP Rage Machine and Its Mainstream Apologists
Slate: In Defense of Drones – They’re the worst form of war, except for all the others
The Arabist: On the Egyptian Opposition
Foreign Policy: While America Slept – How the United States botched China’s rise
Huffington Post: Kenya Election 2013: Nation Wary But Hopeful To Avoid Repeat Of 2007 Post-Election Crisis
Politico: Andrew Sullivan: Woodward ‘a liar’
The Guardian: M5S says it will not help form Italian government

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